Hi, I'm Anna!

I am a 19 year-old, cis-female (pronouns are she/her). I identify most as a brat/little girl and my little age is 3-7 based on my favorite things in little space. My favorite movies in little space are Teen Beach Movie, Tangled, Despicable Me (1&2), all the old Scooby Doo movies, and Rugrats In Paris!!!!!!

My favorite little space activities are:

My Little Space vs BDSM vs DD/LG

My little space (ageplay activities and regressing) and my sexual BDSM side (sub space) are separate but somewhat related. Me being in little space is not an inherently sexual thing - as in, little space things are not sexual (sippy cups, my stuffies, etc) - being a little is just part of who I am as a silly, cute 19 year-old girl who really enjoyed her actual childhood enough to want to go back to it. However, I am a sub-type in BDSM activities, and so my submissive nature as a little can sort of cross over and be related to my submissive sexual nature with dominant partners (though I don’t think I would ever engage in sexual activities while still “little”, or while I'm still in little space).

Fun fact - I have never actually been in a real DD/lg relationship where I have acted out the power exchange with another person on an ongoing basis, but I would obviously still like to try it.

The way I see it is that being in little space is something that I can do on my own (or with my best friend of course) to relax whenever I’m in the mood to be in a happier and more innocent mindset. Of course, being a little and having a younger mindset sometimes is such a huge part of me that it’s something I would have to be able to share with someone I was in a relationship with. And being in a relationship for me would include BDSM activities, so to already be doing BDSM activities with my partner and then share my little side with him would hopefully launch us into DD/lg territory - where I would want my partner to be very dominant, take care of me in my little space, and set rules and punishments for me (because as a sub or as a little, I totally crave being bossed around). But I wouldn’t necessarily want it to be 24/7, because I really don’t think that type of power exchange would work for my lifestyle as a college student, and really I don’t think I would want that intense of a power exchange.

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